Gloves in a cube

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Product description

Advertising disposable gloves in a box-cube

Protective gloves will come in handy wherever your hands are exposed to chemicals and dirt, which is why they are such a useful and frequently chosen advertising gadget. In the case of the CPC-804 product, you can choose from four sizes of packaging – a cube-shaped box. Inside you will find 25, 40, 50 or one hundred disposable gloves made of vinyl, nitrile or latex.


Branded disposable gloves

If you want to make an effective marketing impact, disposable knuckle gloves are perfect for this. You can print your logo, slogans and graphics on all six sides of the cardboard packaging. This will provide you with excellent brand exposure from many sides and the opportunity to prepare a visually appealing gadget, which on top of that will be fully unique and unrepeatable.


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