Double-sided notebook

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Product description

Promotional closed notebook in A5 cover

Unusual, rare advertising gadget in the form of a double notebook closed with a comfortable rubber band. This solution ensures a clear division of notes into two segments or topics, and the cardboard cover adds elegance. The notebook is notebook sized and contains 32 pages each. It is the ideal companion for many office situations.

Advertising space in 67 x A5 format!

At Capira you can always count on the fact that our promotional gadgets will be personalized exactly according to your guidelines and on their entire surface, which means that your customers will receive a completely unique and unrepeatable item. In the case of the CPO-807 notebook, you have at your disposal not only three covers, but also 64 pages inside, which we can cover with an aesthetic, delicate overprint that will remind your customers of your brand every day.



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