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Cube-shaped desk set

Category: Bestsellers

Product description

Advertising hardcover desk set

Convenient, useful for organising your desk space, this cube-shaped set will meet the expectations of all those who often need to take quick notes in their daily work. The hard cardboard box contains 600 sheets of 80 x 80 mm paper with an ergonomically placed adhesive note pad and 100 markers on the lid. The cut-out allows easy removal of the pages and the flap protects the pages from dirt.

A spacious way to promote your business

The cube box allows you to place your logo and other advertising messages on the cards inside and the self-adhesive block, but especially on the four sides of the cube. The important thing is that – just like other Capira promotional gadgets – you can print your graphics on the whole available surface. This gives you an item that is visually appealing on the one hand, but also presents your brand on a diverse surface that is visible from all sides.

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