Smart calendar

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Product description

Oprawa twarda

105 x 105 x 105 mm

Po rozłożeniu

410 mm długości

Miejsce na długopisy

65 x 95 mm, 9 miejsc

Multifunctional calendar in a folding cube

The Smart Calendar cube will help you remember every important date. Just a glimpse at the desk set is enough to plan your work for every month. The small 12 page calendar with personalized company imprint perfectly complements the desk set for the whole year.

Smart calendar contains:

  • pen and business card stand
  • container for paper clips and rack for stationery equipment
  • handy notebook with individual imprint
  • 12 page calendar

Complete personalization on the whole surface: imprint 4/4 CMYK + 1/1 glossy/ matt foil.

Smart cube is a patented product by Capira company.

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