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Clipboard with pen space and magnet

Category: Clipboards & binders

Product description

Advertising clipboard with the possibility of suspension

Always useful, the clipboard is a popular advertising gadget. On the one hand, it allows you to attach sheets of paper in a stable manner, and on the other hand, it can serve as a pad, if you need to write something down without having access to a desk or a table. The CPO-901 product has an ingenious place for a pen and a built-in magnet, thanks to which it can be placed on a magnetic board.

Personalisation and high marketing potential

The large dimensions – 230 x 315 mm – with the possibility of printing on the entire surface allow you to create an advertising gadget with significant marketing potential. Your graphics will be visible from a distance, especially during conferences, festivals or training sessions. We will help you create a gadget for your customers that is not only extremely useful, but also fully personalised.



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