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Carton cover desk set

Category: Desk sets

Product description

Box with a set of notebooks and indexes

 An artful rectangular cube which, when unfolded, turns into a stand with a triangular side. Closed it gives the impression of order on the desk, while open it provides easy access to the accessories necessary in everyday office work – note cards, sticky notes and colourful indexes.

A spacious way to display your brand

The CPO-511 notebook and index set is not only an interesting visual element, but also offers the possibility of complete personalisation. We can print your graphics on the entire surface of the available surfaces, making use of the ingenious form of this office stand. This is a unique opportunity in the market of advertising gadgets, where often the only way to brand is to place a company logo.

An exceptionally aesthetically pleasing desk set

Made of high quality, aesthetically finished hard cover, in two size variants. The lid is designed in the form of a mini stand and the container itself can hold 150 sheets of paper for taking handy notes. The attractive design and high quality workmanship guarantee an aesthetically pleasing brand presentation.


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