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Box with drawer and personalised cut-out

Category: Paper clips sets

Product description

Promoting paperclip box

This handy, small clip box will help keep any desk tidy and provide easy access to the small items you need for your daily work. The CPO-601 set contains a cardboard box 75 x 55 x 125 mm and 100 paper clips in a colour matching the graphics on the product. An important advantage of this gadget is that it can be used repeatedly, which extends the life of your advertising message.

Individual drawer shape – just the way you want it

Apart from the fact that the clip box presents your personalised graphic on five sides, it also gives you the opportunity to design the shape of the drawer as you wish. This allows you to give your customers a completely unique, creative and very useful product. Importantly, your logo and other corporate identity elements can be placed on the entire surface of the gadget.


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