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Binder with notebooks set

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Product description

Promoting binder with note-taking kit

This handy 125 x 175 mm binder will come in handy on a daily basis for storing documents that we need to access frequently. It can also be used as a handy notebook with 50 pages inside and two sticky notes and a set of indexes. The ring binder is made of robust, coated cardboard.

As many as 7 areas for your advertising!

Our CPO-907 Notebook Binder, although small, has a convenient surface on which to place your advertising message. The outside covers, the back inside, the spine, and the self-adhesive notebooks can all be personalised with your own graphic design, which will relate to your company’s visual identity. In this way, you will create an advertising gadget that on the one hand is universal and popular, and on the other hand stands out positively from many others with its originality and eye-catching motifs.

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